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When looking for help regarding emotional health, mental health, and behavioral health there are many choices for counselors, life coaches, pastoral counselors, psychiatrist, psychologists, psychotherapists, and therapists.  Knowing which one to choose from can be a daunting task, and knowing the difference between all of them can be quite confusing.  However, all of them can work together to provide the best possible experience for each client that is seen based on the needs of that client.

 At LoveCare Counseling, we are here to better help you understand the difference in the types of help available so you can make a decision on your emotional, mental, or behavioral health needs. Currently we have licensed professional counselors, licensed professional counselor interns, pastoral counselors, and life coaches to help you with your emotional, mental, and behavioral health needs. We offer in-office services as well as online services, tele-health services, video services, and phone services.

To better help you understand the differences available to you please view this short list:

  • Counselor – Has a Master’s degree or higher and is licensed by the State. (Referred to as an LPC or Licensed Professional Counselor)
  • Therapist – A person that is skilled in a particular kind of therapy. (Counselors are often referred to as Therapist)
  • Psychotherapist – Treats mental disorders by using psychological means rather than medical means. (Counselors and Psychologists are often referred to as Psychotherapist)
  • Pastoral Counselor – A type of counselor that is actually a Pastor or Minister has been in seminary or Bible College, and typically counsels from a Spiritual or Biblical perspective. (Pastoral Counselors do not have to be licensed, but they do have to be ordained)
  • Life Coach – A person who encourages clients on matters having to do with personal goals, lifecoaches are typically certified. (Counselors, Psychologist, and Pastoral Counselors can life coach, but life coaches themselves do not have to be licensed and therefore do not counsel)
  • Psychologist – Has a Doctorate degree and is licensed by the State. (Referred to as a PsyD or a PhD)
  • Psychiatrist – Has a Doctorate degree and is a medical practitioner Licensed by the State that specializes in the diagnosis of mental illness. (Referred to as a PhD, and can prescribe medication to treat mental illness.)

When choosing from the above list also consider how you would like to pay. At this time, insurances only pay for Counselors, Therapist, Psychotherapist, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists because they are required to be licensed through the State.

Although the above list is not a complete list hopefully, it better helps you understand the differences so you might choose the right help for you or a loved one. Remember, all of these people help with emotional, mental, and behavior health needs. They can also work together with each other to provide the best experience possible based on the needs of the client.

LoveCare is located in the Calallen Area of Corpus Christi. However, in-office we serve a large portion of the coastal bend area to include Corpus Christi, Robstown, Calallen, Annaville, Edroy, Odem, Sinton, Taft, Orange Grove, Bluntzer, Gregory, Portland, Ingleside, Aransas Pass, Rockport, Port Aransas, Mustang Island, Padre Island, Kingsville, Banquette, Agua Dulce, Alice, Sandia, Mathis, and Bishop.

LoveCare provids Online, tele-health, phone, and video services and we can serve the entire state of Texas!

To inquire about our services more please feel free to explore all the different pages of our website, use any of the contact links on our website, email or call us.

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